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My Work

Manthana village

Again with Cozy Scandinavian style that I really like it and many thankful to my kindly customer for let me do this project For Manthana village, Rachapruek.
Muniq Condo

This Project refer to the Scandinavian Farmhouse that I decored for Muniq Condo, Langsuan. I Selected the Earth Tone for keep it warm and cozy and use many woods product to match all the room.
Chaiyapruk Place

Again with a Cozy and Mimal decorated which furnished all in Earth Tone. This is the one of my favorite Project matching all things abide by mood and tone.
Pattanakarn Commercial Building

This Project was combination by Scandinavian mix with luxury style. I decided to selected dark tone for represent all of the Luxury Furnitures, and warm tone to represent Scandinavian style.
The city ramintra

K. Zom Marie's dream home, a two-storey house,that WAYA full decored by emphasizing light-colored furniture, warm, simple, Minimal Japanese-style, but can really live. I Put a little colorful Props for make it not bored.
Hyde sukhumvit 11
Inspiration for new contemporary and modern Luxury condo At Sukumvit 11 with 2 Bedroom , So It has small livingroom but suitable with Earth tone I docored, and fufill the Cozy style with cozy Props and Furniture.
The Prospect(TypeB)
Again with my love Projects with Prospect Pattaya where I've to do all work as Home stylist. and All builded by Modern-Luxury style
The Prospect Pattaya
I have an opportunity to do my new favorite work, The Prospect, Pattaya. Decorated in Tropical minimalist style, buy using premium and Luxury matterial.
LIFE Condo BY AP Property
One of my favorite Condo Decorated by me in modern-luxury style. by using all luxury and contemporary furniture and all things that fit for one room, this style is represent my style, thanks for this project.
Inspiration for my new Luxury condo, Vittorio was selected for my new chapter of life. I decored in Tropical Glam style, by using Tropical plants macthing with luxury furnitures.
The Prospect Pattaya
These are the one of my Surprising Project that must be thankful to The Prospect Pattaya, that gave me a chance to decorated Area and Sell Gallery. I've done in Modern-luxury style. By selecting the premium quality furniture for fulfill my work.
From famaous traditional Thai food, make it better to be premium restaurant in THANYA PARK, Srinakarint rd. which decorated in modern contempory style
The Empire Place
Make condo feeling like home by using furniture covered with warm tone in modern-contempory style.
Bann Nawat

The new Home Project I've done in Modern-luxury style. By selecting the premium quality furniture, matching all things abide by mood and tone 
Siamese Gioia
CLIENT : Pimmada Boriruksuppakorn PIM ZAZA (Actress)
The modern and cozy codominium of my new project for K Pim Zaza, Famaous Actress ,And designed by Focusing on personal living and using, combined by Modern and contempory design. smply feeling but Prompt living 
Villa Sikhara
CLIENT : K Ling (Entertainer/Actor)
The modern codominium of my new project for K ling, Famaous entertainer and actor known as the "sena ling", as he decided to renovated in the modern Japanese theme. The most of tone in these theme is light wood, dark green color tone included, decorated for soft feeling but a little bit solemn by using the picture display that express the emotional in ancient ages
CLIENT : K Junior
The new Renovation Project From the empty room to Modern Japanese concept fulfill with the Persia Texture skin covered all of door and used wooden texture mixed with TATAMI pallet ordered directly from Japan for improve mood and tone into Japanese style which warm and convenient, prompt to living 
The Base Condominium
CLIENT : Aerin Yuktadatta (Actress)
The new Project For Khun Aerin Yuktadatta (Actress) which keep my Waya style, Co-ordinate with Preaw Kanitkul who taking part of interior and some furniture
to be "Modern and Cozy" 
at The Base (Park East Sukumvit 77) Demonstration the simply mood and warm tone, new decoration blocking with Dark gray brick block, matching everything in same concept. It's prompt living now. 
Bright Condominium Sukumvit 24
To be "Modern and Cozy" is the new proposition which is abide by the owner who is young middle-aged and socialize people. concerned about his look and his life, the answers is covered for all life style by using Luxuary furniture and props but still keep warm and cozy tone too.
Apart from west to east, from warm and cozy europian style into "modern japanese". Focus on personal living and using, combined by smoothy oak's design. smply feeling but Prompt living 

      Chilling rest corner that delicate design for hang out both days and night. These zone is a mixture between east and west culture by my own style. I love the plants that....warm light in the sunny day and it not boring. So, In the main room I decorated by mix and match with Japanese and american style. these combination all finished in my imagination before I bought anything, then, the reult is here.

​  The better looks for some place may be the luxury mood which stand out by the earth tone decoration and proper things. This is the second chance I recieved with truly trust by The Circle Condominium to be home stylist.

 Some place will be fulfilled with the suitable things such as the pillows by the colors with matching the sofa and carped, Mood and tone is the first things that I concentrated, It will presents the life that I mean to be a home, not just house.  


    Warm and cozy atmosphere that you can see from different perspective. I decided to select many things that make me feel like my home, In addition, the first step to select the specific item to fit any codo's room is a concept. I have a final image and I really prompt to say to my customer that do you think it's feel like a home?

Boutique Hotel
CLIENT : Shataya vong phaiboon
"To be boutique" its mean I have to considerable about the colors and tone of overall process. I use the different colors too much to decorated but It's all in my mind.
This is cozy, This is Boutique.

     This is the way I intend to offer a sitting area that I think fit. with warm and cozy mood, I believe that each area or each room have to tastefully decorated, when taken in good order. it can fit and useable with features. Plus, the little things  I can not tell you is about my taste. however I just touch and feel it would be perfect. Finally, you think like me?

CLIENT : Mint Natwara Vongvassana (Actress)
​  New project renovation to warm and cozy mood and tone for Khun Mint Natwara Vongvassana (Actress) in Town home at Kaset-Nawamin Road. From the ordinary room, I fulfill with new simply but comfortable furniture. control color space and mood, Showing my Waya style
​  Warm comfortable but modern look included, This concept is a little bit chalange me. Which the soft tone and colors, so, This is the one you have to look. and this is the one I like. 
The Tree, Jaransanitwong

Which a minimal Furnished in a tiny room at The Tree, Jaransanitwong. I decored based on the earth tone color, combined with minimal and modern furniture.
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